The Stupidity of Green Energy

Andy James
8 min readJul 18
Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let’s face facts, we’ve failed at slowing the rising temperatures, and the only thing that’s going to be Net 0 in a few decades is our bank accounts if we continue on the same course. If anyone believes it’s possible to stop climate change by eliminating oil and coal, then I think they need another sip of Kool-Aid.

The facts are, we need coal and oil. It is the life blood of the world, and what is keeping 8 billion people alive on this planet. There is no viable alternative in the immediate future. We’re 100 years off the mark.

And climate activists need to sit down and shut up. Throwing tomato soup on a masterpiece or gluing ones self to a road is pure stupidity. Actually, it’s beyond stupid. All they’re doing is antagonizing working people and ruining priceless treasures, while making themselves look like crazy people no one wants to associate with. Whatever message they’re trying to send becomes lost in their own moronic deeds. I think the full weight of the law should be imposed on these criminals, frankly, as it serves no point in the end. It’s not a message, it’s a temper tantrum.

Everyone who is panicking about climate change seems to be all in on the worst possible solution for civilization that clearly did not and will not work. According to the scientific models, we’ve already went past the point of no return. Who are we kidding? Ourselves?

Why are we still trying to force the same failed approach upon the masses?

It won’t work, so give it up already and shut the fuck up. You have now become part of the problem, not the solution.

And as far as actors and politicians fixing anything, are you kidding me? I’ve heard so much hypocritical bullshit and blame thrown around that it almost becomes comedic. I’m sure most have heard the Leo DiCaprio story.

Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet from France to New York City on Wednesday, May 18, to accept an environmental award — and then hopped back on the plane to return to France just one day later.


Obviously, DiCaprio still feels good about himself because he is able to buyout his emissions and claim Net 0, due to his vast wealth. Sorry Leo, you’re one of…