The Persistent Universe (Part 1)

Andy James
6 min readSep 11, 2022
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

I’m writing a series of articles to advance a new hypothesis for a universal paradigm that follows reason and logic. So, I hope you read from the beginning, because I think it will be easier to understand the full scope of this hypothesis.

Mankind has been wrong about the nature of the universe 100% of the time throughout history. Not just wrong, by woefully and absurdly misguided by what we observe at a glance. Conclusions are drawn based on a consensus viewpoint. The Big Bang is no different. Science took one look at the Redshift and made an assumption. That assumption evolved into a scientific consensus which then matured into a belief. While the evidence is fairly compelling based on that Redshift, it’s most certainly not the only explanation available. But, scientific consensus is a powerful lure. The more people that buy into the consensus view the harder it becomes to topple, because it’s no longer a consensus, rather a pseudo belief system. We end up wasting decades and centuries proving something true, rather than exploring new ideas. This is where mainstream science lives. To step out of the mainstream view becomes career suicide. And that’s because the Big Bang is no longer a scientific theory. It’s a belief system.

Without getting too deep into the ridiculousness of the Big Bang, let’s just say it died long ago with observations of distant galaxies from the Hubble Telescope. We saw fully formed galaxies in a few millions of years, where that process should take billions. The James Webb Telescope is only confirming what Hubble already showed us. Furthermore, an accelerating universe is inconsistent with our understanding of modern physics. The Big Bang fell apart decades ago and is merely propped up by ad-hoc modifications. The Big Bang exists entirely on life support and is merely awaiting on someone with common sense to pull the plug and declare it dead.

Our universe is 100% mechanical in nature. There is nothing mysterious or magical about it. There are simply things we know and understand somewhat, and things we don’t know or understand. And honestly, there is a lot more unknown than known. Knowing the difference between the known and unknown has become nearly impossible.

The Big Bang is an over-unity machine. It violates physics.