The Persistent Universe (Part 2) — Infinity

Andy James
7 min readSep 17, 2022
Photo by Thomas T on Unsplash

After more than 3 decades of contemplating infinity, I can say with confidence, infinity is one of the least understood concepts of mankind. What it means precisely depends entirely on who you ask. No one has cornered the market on the definition of infinity, contrary to what anyone believes. It is wide open for interpretation. As it sits currently, it is undefined, scientifically speaking.

Cantor was wrong, not that set theory is wrong or bogus math, but it has absolutely nothing to do with infinity, or God. Set theory is just a mathematical process for handling large unknown numbers of objects. By all modern day standards Georg Cantor was a religious fanatic. He believed God assigned him math homework. He also believed his Omega Infinity to be God. Cantor was looking for heaven or God in the numbers. To say Georg Cantor was bias in his conclusions would be a gross understatement. Sorry Georg, man invented numbers, and that’s well documented. Infinity is no more God than a toaster.

Understand, I am not taking away from Georg Cantor’s mathematical productivity. And I am not disparaging religious beliefs. All I’m saying is that Georg Cantor developed “Set Theory”, not “Infinite Set Theory”. There is no such thing as an infinity of infinities. Infinity has one meaning, as finite has one meaning.

The only solution is to wipe the slate clean, and start over. Forget about everything you think you understand about infinity.

Numbers are a creation of mankind. We created our base-10 numbering system using a redundant logic designed to extend forever in either direction, depending on the designation we choose. Positive or negative. Applying finite and infinite to the numbering system came later. Simply put, infinity is not a specific number, any more than finite is a specific number. We should know, because we invented numbers. Understanding that simple fact rules out any definition describing infinity as a number. There is no “absolute” or “Omega” infinity. That’s absurd.

Infinity is the opposite of finite. That’s all it means numerically. Finite defines static numeric states, so it stands to reason that infinity would describe dynamic numeric states. And that’s about the only correlation finite or infinity has to our numbering system.