The Infinite Wave Hypothesis

Andy James
6 min readJul 28

A Conceptual Inversion of the Big Bang Theory through the Lens of a Persistent Universe

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The Infinite Wave Hypothesis embarks on a unique exploration of the universe’s nature, positing an alternate viewpoint to the conventional Big Bang model. It advocates a persistent universe, continuously evolving via a process of expansion and contraction, conceived as an infinite wave. This process, deriving its impetus from the potential energy inherent in the surrounding motionless space, negates the requirement for a singular origin point. This innovative approach necessitates a fresh examination of cosmological theory and its traditional paradigms.

I. Introduction:

A. Context and Detailed Overview of Existing Models:

1. The Big Bang Theory: The Big Bang theory has been a cornerstone of cosmological understanding for the last century. This model proposes a singular, cataclysmic event marking the universe’s birth. From this point, the universe has been expanding, moving from an extremely hot and dense state to the cooler, less dense cosmos we observe today.

2. Deeper Consideration of the Big Bang Theory’s Limitations: Despite its wide acceptance, the Big Bang theory is not without significant limitations. Among these is the undefined nature and source of the energy that propelled the initial expansion. Further, the model requires the concept of dark energy to explain the observed accelerated expansion of the universe. These abstract constructs reveal gaps in our understanding and lend themselves to ongoing debates within the scientific community.

B. The Infinite Wave Hypothesis — An Alternative Cosmological Framework:

1. Proposal of an Alternate Model: The Infinite Wave Hypothesis introduces a departure from the traditional Big Bang viewpoint. Instead of a universe that emerges from a singular point, it proposes a persistent universe, continuously evolving due to an ongoing process of matter and energy transformation.

2. The Integral Role of Surrounding Motionless Space: In this new perspective, the driving force behind the universe’s persistent evolution is the untapped potential energy in the surrounding motionless space. The Infinite Wave Hypothesis contends that this…